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Whether its for providing boundaries between properties or for the garden Stately General Builders can build walls using different materials

A well built garden wall enhances any garden. It can not only look good, it can also suppport a greenhouse, retain a soil bank, form an edge or division for a garden or lawn, house a barbeque, hold up a raised planting bed, enclose a rubbish bin or surround a compost heap.


A brick wall can provide a level site for creating a patio, enclose garden gates and provide privacy from nosey neighbours


Typical picket fences are about three feet tall and located in the front yard. Installing a front yard fence of this kind can double your kids' play area because they can be safely enclosed to enjoy the grassy space there. This fence also keeps roving pets off your lawn and out of the flower beds.


Thinking of updating your garden?

Not sure what to do, call us and we can transform your garden.

After much preparation, we laid a paved patio with a solid wooden border and added steps.

We also laid a new lawn, added wooden plant borders and finished off with a red gravel mix.  By sectioning the garden we achieved a more interesting layout with different areas and made the garden more manageable for the owners.

Privacy fences

Fences keep your outdoor spaces separated from those of neighbours on every side. These boundary fences are vital to creating a landscape that feels private, which requires a solid barrier. The distinguishing factor in this fence design is virtually no gaps between solid boards for a wall-like partition.



Exterior painting

When it comes to exterior decorating Stately general builders have it covered. We have the equipment and skills to make your decorating something you can be proud of. Whether it is your home or business, we have the experience to paint all aspects of exterior decorating.


 We offer our customers help and advice, but when it comes to painting your outside why risk your own safety, when we can get to those hard to reach places and give a professional look that will last against the bad weather

Benefits of exterior painting

  • Instant added value to your home
  • Protection of the exterior of your home
  • Easily changes the colour of your home



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