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Crown Reduction is the removal of branch wood from the complete crown. Typically, 10-30% of each branch is removed to give an overall smaller size. This is carried out when trees outgrow the positions in which they are planted.


Dismantling involves the gradual removal of a tree bit by bit where it is impractical to fell the whole tree at once. The tree is slowly dismantled under control and limbs lowered using specialist rigging equipment and techniques where necessary. These can be costly operations due to the time and equipment involved. This often requires the use of cranes or access platforms.


Crown Thinning is the removal of branches within the crown, to enhance the shape and balance of mature trees. Weak branches or those that are misplaced are removed. This would also include any damaged or diseased wood. Thinning will also reduce wind resistance. Shading will also be reduced.


Stump removal


The most effective way to deal with a stump is to grind it out mechanically. The stump is typically cut down as low to the ground as possible before being ground out.


Once ground the remaining small roots will die off leaving the area free to be re-planted. Sometimes it is necessary to apply a stump killing poison. This is mainly in broadleaf trees

Crown lifting


Crown Lifting is the removal of lower branches to improve ground clearance and allow access



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